We can't thank you enough

I received this email a few days ago.

Hi Cherone

Today a wonderful thing happened! C ran out of school with a smile as wide as his eyes are bright and a skip in his step, and I just knew his day had been great! He couldn't wait to tell me that his reading was tested today and he has jumped THREE LEVELS! Then I got this wonderful email from his teacher (below) saying just how proud she is too! 

This is a new and very welcome feeling for C and my heart is full with pride! We have marvelled at just how far he has come since he began his Davis Dyslexia program. This is just the beginning of great things to come. 

We can't thank you enough!

Email from teacher.

I just finished testing C on his reading. He did soooo well! He started at 7.5-8.5years and did 4 more tests to get to 8.5-9.5years!! He read so well and I am super proud of him! Please celebrate his great success tonight :) He is absolutely buzzing.
(Posted with permission)

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