Onwards and upwards from here! October 2015

Our son had been diagnosed with Autism and Dyslexia from an early age. We had attended many meetings and programmes to help close the gap that continued to widen during primary school. It was very frustrating! Nothing seemed to 'click' with him and he continued to fall behind.

Then one day, I drove past a sign outside a house, advertising the Davis Dyslexia Programme. I called straight away and we were booked in for a consult then we booked in for a two week programme.

My sons' teacher aide attended the programme, the Davis Dyslexia tutor and myself.  What a journey!

I can honestly say,  that even after the first session a light had gone on for my son. .This was very exciting after years of struggle.

Everything made sense to him and even though he wasn't always a box of birds (as he was crook for a little while) he took it all in and back to school, he jumped up FOUR reading levels in a few short weeks, maths has improved tremendously and his private tutors are thrilled with the fast progress.

I would highly recommend this course to other children with Dyslexia.  Just when I thought we'd tried it all - we found this amazing programme.

Onwards and upwards from here!

Thanks Cherone.


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