NEWS 2017

Stealth Dyslexia 13 June 2017

People with stealth dyslexia have problems sounding out (or decoding) words just like people with “classic” dyslexia. Yet unlike typical dyslexics, their scores on tests of reading comprehension are typically above average, or even very strong.

Waihoa Downs School is getting amazing results using the Davis Learning Stratagies 24 March 2017

Rural Canterbury school ignoring National Standards, but getting amazing results

What's It Like to be Twice Exceptional? 11 June 2017

A simple definition of twice exceptional would be a person who is both gifted in some manner and challenged in another

Pre-school disability checks are failing 14 March 2017

Serious developmental issues in children are being missed in New Zealand's 'B4 School' checks, the Children's Commissioner says.B4 School is a programme that assesses all four-year-olds to see if they have learning difficulties before starting primary school.But Judge Andrew Becroft says the number of older kids coming through the youth justice system proves the programme is failing.

NZ's education system is letting dyslexic kids down 22 Feb 2017

Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD) children are a gift. They all have individual talents and with the correct education they will be the changemakers of tomorrow. The ability to think outside of the box creates an opportunity for change but being in the current education system leads to children being incorrectly labelled as having behavioural issues.

A Different Kind of Reader: Parenting a Child With Dyslexia 22 Feb 2017

Keep reading to your children at night, or get them listening to audio books. It so important that they hear the vocabulary, especially if they can't read it themselves. Reading to them also allows time for discussion and reflection.

Unique school helps unlock minds of dyslexic children 19 Feb 2017

First school in the North Island focused on teaching students that learn differently to those in mainstream schools. Located on the North Shore in Takapuna.

Can Creativity Help Kids Get Through Challenge? 23 jan 2017

Creativity is a surprising source of strength. It can empower people to become more resilient, confident, and productive. Here’s why and how to encourage kids to use creativity during times of challenge.

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