NEWS 2015

Lewis Hamilton revels he is dyslexic 23 Dec 2015

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has revealed he is dyslexic, says he wants to help build schools for poor children after his F1 career:

School ditches junior exams 28 Nov 2015

An Auckland high school is skipping NCEA Level 1 to reduce assessment stress for its students, giving the teenagers an extra year before facing exams.
Hobsonville Point Secondary School says the first year of the NCEA qualification is unnecessary as it doesn't lead to anywhere except further schooling.

Children with learning differences 'losing their childhood' 20 Nov 2015

Children with learning differences fall through gaps in the education system unless they have a supportive teacher, money, and proactive parents.
This was the message put across at a select committee hearing on how dyspraxia, dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorders are identified and supported in schools.

Parents tell of failure in special needs system 4 Nov 2015

The Education and Science Select Committee is investigating how schools identify and assist children with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism spectrum disorders. By Tuesday it had heard only a few of the submissions it had received, which total more than 400, but most depicted children and families struggling to get the help that they needed.

Dyslexics ignored by the ignorant 4 Nov 2015

A parliamentary inquiry has been told that dyslexia and other learning difficulties are often completely missed by teachers, with expensive tests required for any specialised help.
Emotional parents pleaded with MPs on Wednesday to fund more teacher education and external tests for children affected by the learning differences, some of which can easily be missed by busy teachers.

'Systemic barriers' holding dyslexic kids back 3 Nov 2015

A parliamentary education inquiry has heard how "systemic barriers" hold back students with learning differences from receiving extra help.
Wellington College special education coordinator Ross Dunn told the Education and Science Select Committee that getting the government to recognise a student's disability can be a significant bureaucratic hurdle.

20 Things Only Parents Of Children With Dyslexia Would Understand 19 Oct 2015

As parents research their child’s dyslexia and receive information from the experts, they come to understand many things that they want others to understand as well. Here’s 20 of them.

Learning difficulties support inquiry welcomed 26 August 2015

Rethinking Crime and Punishment has welcomed an inquiry into school system support for students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism spectrum disorders.

Inquiry aims to help students with special education needs 26 August 2015

The experience of thousands of students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and autism spectrum disorders as they progress through school is to be examined by Parliament.

New Zealand Rugby Reading Resources 5 Aug 2015

Resources and a toolkit of ideas to use rugby to help encourage reading for pleasure. A great way to get sports mad boys reading in primary school.
Deadlocked is set in New Zealand. Written by Tom Palmer with the help of young New Zealand rugby players during his visit in 2014.

Asperger Syndrome: 50 important facts about having mild autism 15 June 2015

50 interesting facts about mild autism or aspergers.
Nbr 17 If I do things at my own pace and use my own methods, I invariably succeed. If I go at the pace others tell to go or use someone else’s methods, I can crash and burn rather horribly.

Budget 2015: Education - what's in it for schools? 21 May 2015

The Budget will inject $62.9 million over four years into special education that will provide an extra 500 students with Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS) support, which brings the total number of special needs children being supported to 9000

Reading Recovery 'harmful', visiting academic Louisa Moats says 31 March 2015

A leading United States literacy expert has launched a scathing attack on Reading Recovery, telling a Department of Education event that aspects of the remedial reading program are "harmful".

Dyslexia a struggle for successful chef 15 March 2015

At school, reading and writing was a struggle for Van de Elzen, who had to sacrifice biking after school for classes in which he learned to read Peter Pan. He initially thought it was because he came from a Dutch-speaking household - his parents moved to New Zealand in 1963 - but soon realised his sisters were talented at reading and writing.

Information and Support for Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) 18 Feb 2015

Central Auditory Processing Disorder is a general term used to describe a spectrum of various areas of auditory processing dysfunction. When a person has central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) the part of the brain that translates what the ear delivers does not function properly. The person with CAPD can hear sounds, but how the brain translates those sound is disrupted, and the end result is a garbled message. Some call it "dyslexia of the ears."

Dyslexic teen scores Xero internship 12 Jan 2015

"I felt inspired to share my story because I never wanted any other kid to feel the same sense of worthlessness that I had."

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