NEWS 2016

20 Things to remember if you love a person with dyslexia 21 Oct

People with dyslexia can be hard to live with, and hard to love, because their brains work so differently to ours. Even if you love someone with dyslexia, the day-to-day living with it can drive you insane. Because they can forget things, believe they’ve said or done things they haven’t, be incredibly messy and disorganized, and be less socially aware than other people.

SuperTutor 2: Jadon gets a reading test Sep 2016

The first update from Gifted Dyslexic aiming to get Jadon Joseph, from a fail to a pass in four weeks. We are already seeing wonderful improvement in his reading...

SuperTutor 1: Jadon Joseph is expected to fail in Matric Sep 20, 2016

Jadon Joseph is facing failing at Matric in four weeks time. Davis Dyslexia Correction facilitators Val van der Berg and Axel Gudmundsson decided to take on the challenge to address his dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD, to get him to pass his Matric exams by giving him about ten day Davis correction programme. Let's see if they succeed.

From farm girl to high-flyer: The real Sarah Higgins 10 Sep 2016

On the face of it, Sarah Higgins had it all.
Young, beautiful and talented, the budding politician's Facebook page told of an enviable life - selfies with the Prime Minister, dining at swanky restaurants and connections with "friends" in high places. But behind the smiles, poses and upbeat posts, Sarah was battling depression. She died on August 28 of a suspected suicide.
Sarah's troubles began early in life when she was diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, dyslexia and its numerical equivalent dyscalculia.

What's wrong with our education system? July 2016

A world-renowned education specialist says New Zealand's education system is at risk of being "seduced" by testing.

University of Oregon professor Yong Zhao has been speaking with Auckland school managers and principals about the future of the education profession.

Why Kids Should Keep Using Their Fingers to do Math April 2016

Nearly all kids learn how to count using their fingers. But as kids grow older and math problems become more advanced, the act of counting on fingers is often discouraged or seen as a less intelligent way to think. However, educators, parents and students who frown on kids for using their fingers may be cutting short a greater opportunity: the strengthening of brain networks.

Picture-At-Punctuation – A Powerful Tool for Assimilating Facts in Reading July 2016

Picture-At-Punctuation is a simple technique drawn from the Davis Methods which enhances both comprehension and retention of what we read.

The man who used his dyslexia to make millions July 2016

Ikea is an empire that was born from dyslexia.

Richard Branson: “Dyslexia is my greatest strength” July 2016

“In business, I believe dyslexia is my greatest strength. It has taught me to keep things simple, to rise above difficulties and to focus on what I’m good at.”

Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone And Should Protect Their Brains

A interesting and enlightening article. "Teens can’t control impulses and make rapid, smart decisions like adults can — but why?"

Apps for Dyslexia

An explosion of new apps for dyslexia is helping to break down the barriers to reading and learning like never before. The challenge? Navigating the ocean of applications to find the ones best suited for you or your child.
What makes for a great application for someone with dyslexia? Here are the things we look for in a piece of software:

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