Davis™ Reading Programme for Young Learners

Based on the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Programme, it will give the child lifelong skills to make learning more enjoyable and successful, developing reading fluency and comprehension. 
The programme will cover letter and alphabet mastery, common punctuation marks, 3 steps to easier reading, mastery of basic words. These skills also help children develop excellent visual memory of key words, which complements and enhances phonetic decoding skills. This approach will enhance a child's learning experience in the early grades and pave the way for academic success in later years.
At least half or more of the programme time includes the parent or support person participating in sessions so that they can gain the skills needed continue the techniques at home and do the post-programme work
The Facilitator will schedule up to 30 hours of time with the student and depending on the age of the child this can be spread out over more days; working only mornings. Usually the child will attend school in the afternoons to put into practice the techniques they have learned. This can be discussed at the Initial Consultation


"The creative process and the learning process, if not the same thing, are so closely associated, we will never be able to separate them." - Ronald D. Davis


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