Davis Math Mastery™ Programme


The length of a Davis Math Mastery™ programme varies, depending on the needs of the individual.   

For individuals with a number of learning challenges it might be recommended that they complete a Davis Dyslexia Corrections® programme or a Davis Attention Mastery™ programme first, the best approach will be discussed at the initial consultation.
The Davis Math Mastery programme addresses underlying 
problems or confusion with mathematics, such as reading numerals, counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, place value and fractions, word problems, telling the time, using a calendar, and the foundation concepts for understanding and learning maths including sequencing and logic.


"In a maths problem, two pieces of information are always given. 
Doing maths is simply finding the third piece."  - Ronald D. Davis


Professional services described as Davis™, Davis Dyslexia Correction®, Davis Symbol Mastery™, Davis Orientation Counselling™, Davis Math Mastery™, Davis Attention Mastery™, Dyslexia the Gift® and Gift of Dyslexia® may only be provided by persons who are employed by a licensed Davis Specialist, or who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators by Davis Dyslexia Association International.