Davis™ Attention Mastery Programme

Using clay and a hands-on positive approach the individual will master life concepts that are often missing or miss-understood (like sequence and consequence) and afterwards will be able to understand situations, apply them into daily life and make better behavioural choices.

These concepts include: change, consequence, cause/effect, before/after, time, sequence, order vs. disorder. Often ADD / ADHD is accompanied by other issues such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or difficulties with math.

Additional costs can be incurred when a combination of programmes is needed or a significant amount of additional time is required. The best approach for the individual client will be discussed during the initial consultation and assessment.

"The act of correcting a problem is the act of establishing order."
 - Ronald D. Davis

Professional services described as Davis™, Davis Dyslexia Correction®, Davis Symbol Mastery™, Davis Orientation Counselling™, Davis Math Mastery™, Davis Attention Mastery™, Dyslexia the Gift® and Gift of Dyslexia® may only be provided by persons who are employed by a licensed Davis Specialist, or who are trained and licensed as Davis Facilitators by Davis Dyslexia Association International.