At school, Cher was an undiagnosed dyslexic, unable to read in high school she dropped out two weeks into her junior year.

By the age of 30, she was famous and was finally diagnosed as dyslexic, when she was looking for solutions to her own child's learning difficulties.
Because of her dyslexia, she had learned to listen closely to what was being said, retaining information that most people would not have noticed.
This skill enabled her to perfect her performances.  Cher has won many industry awards, including an Academy Award, Grammy Award,
Emmy Award and three Golden Globe Awards.
"I am a terrible reader, I don't write letters. Numbers and I have absolutely no relationship. I can dial a phone OK, as long as it's not long-distance. I write the first letter of the word, and my mind races to the last letter. I see words and jumble them together.
I see billboards, billboards no one has even invented.” Cher said in 1985.

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